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Blazes & Brimstone

Middle-grade historical fiction

Blazes & Brimstone is the exciting and heartwarming story of three children who rescue horses from a livery stable when the city of Holland, Michigan burns down in 1871. More than an adventure story, it is also about opposites: heaven and hell, age and youth, even birth and death.

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Available as ebook, paperback, and hardcover

Lyle and his siblings are living on the cusp of the future in the New World. Their step-mom is American and their dad is Dutch, like almost everyone else in the city of Holland where the Dutch immigrants have settled. Now, in the fall of 1871, smoke has been blowing through the town for days. Contained forest fires are not so much contained anymore. Worst of all, their step-mom, Winny, is about to have a baby, their horses are separated because the filly is being weaned, and the hell-and-brimstone the preacher always preached is surrounding their city. When the fire breaks, they almost make their escape. Lyle, Aggie and Rudy are on the back of the surrey and headed safely out of town when they hear a whinny—the desperate cry of a horse from inside the livery stable. Lyle jumps from the back of the surrey. He hears Aggie and Rudy land behind him, and their adventure of rescuing horses and escaping the fire begins.

The horses will not be their only rescue. And it could be that the children need rescuing themselves.

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