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Snow-Eating Snow

Today, March 25th, we’re getting snow-eating snow in Kardis, in the Arctic Circle, and it’s almost as exciting as the windy blue skies and sun from yesterday. Snow-eating snow is that wet kind. It’s not like snowman-building snow from November, because that November snow grows—not only into snowmen, but into snowbanks and snow drifts and snow-covered trees and roofs and fence posts. This snow-eating snow from spring is wet and pebbly. Every flake is going to melt into the snow it lands on and eat it. One inch of snow-eating snow is going to eat up an inch and a half of the snow on the ground. It’s going to melt the ice on the driveway down to wet gravel, it’s going to uncover blades of brown grass in the yard, it’s going to land on the timber sled in front of the kitchen window and eat the snow under the runners down into the ground, making me wonder if we have been out with horses and jingle bells for the last time of the winter. The next time we hitch the horses, it could be to a vehicle with wheels. Let it snow.

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